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ORIGAMI OWL began in Canada on March 16, 2015. At the end of May, 2015 , just  ten weeks later, Madeline Hombert reached the level of DIRECTOR with the company- the FIRST DIRECTOR in Canada!

"On August 15, my team had grown to 152 designers and I am so proud of the many, many women who have been promoted to Leading Designer, Team Leader, Senior Team Leader and Executive Team Leader. The support from "The Nest" has enabled us to grow our business and maintain the enthusiasm we all have for the product and the opportunity."

Personal page of Madeline Hombert=Independent Designer # 200147816 - Director

The opportunity awaits you!  A year from now you will wish you had started today!


There are three Oppprtunity Packages available when beginning your career with ORIGAMI OWL.

Kits may vary season to season.


***** You may also join the company and earn the basic starter kit for FREE just by hosting a successful in-home party. Contact me for more information!!