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ORIGAMI OWL®  was created by a 14 year old girl from Phoenix , Arizona. That's right! The # 3 direct Sales company in America was started just four years ago by a teenager! That's why Origami Owl knows for a fact that teens can become business leaders,too.
The company has created an Owlette program where moms and daughters/sons or dads and daughters/sons or aunts/grandmothers and daughters/sons can register together and become a selling team. There must be one adult  who is the teen's legal guardian in the Owlette partnership - an adult who can sign documents and possess a valid credit card. The teen partner can do parties, sell to friends, attend convention, reap rewards ... all financial transactions are in the guardian's name until the teen's 18th birthday.

The Owlettes have been very successful - some starting as young as 12 or 13 and earning enough to buy their own cars for their 16th birthdays!
If you have a teen with a good head for business; a teen who would rather become an entrepreneur than a babysitter; a teen who loves lockets and can share this love with her friends and their friends, then ask me about the Owlette program!